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Every company is different. Discover how we can help you manage currency-related problems.

More choice,‍
flexibility and savings for your business

We offer 29 different currencies for collection and over 130 for payments.

Use our brokerage services to avoid high FX spreads and save between 1-3% on conversion fees.

Real-time rules-based
rates and data

  • Dynamic Pricing
  • FX Data Capabilities
  • FX Data API

Currency Accounts

We offer you currency accounts with IBANs that appear in your company’s name to make your collection and reconciliation processes smoother.

FX Data

Our FX Data solution, Dynamic Pricing, helps to solve your currency-related challenges, with all the rate information you need to power your business.

International Payments

Smart solutions for global companies to make and collect payments. Use Collection Factory for your currency collection needs or try our payment solution, Payments Factory.


Private equity, venture capital and family office firms tend to have a highly diverse international portfolio.

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