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How to recognise an honest exchange office

How to recognise an honest exchange office

Are you preparing for a holiday abroad? No matter if you’re gonna exchange your money with us, or in another country, you should always choose the place wisely. There are many places which try to trick their customers either with unfavorable exchange rates or hidden commission. How to know if a place is honest? 

1. Clearly visible table of exchange rates

A decent exchange won’t hide their rates and will even let their customers to look at them form outside without the need of coming in. If on the other hand you cant find the rates at first glance, you should be wary. Always ask how much money you will actually receive and make a decision based on that information.   

2. No hidden fees

You can see a large “NO COMMISSION” on almost every exchange, but that does not necessarily mean you won’t get charged with extra fees. In Czechia you can often run into exchange offices that will subtract up to 40% of the price in fees. Before every conversion you should make sure you’re not paying anything extra.

3. You will always get a receipt for your purchase

A receipt is a must in decent exchange offices. A receipt serves you as a proof of the purchase and in case of any difficulties, also as your evidence that you have handed your money to the exchange office.

4. Doesn’t use different rates of VIP

Some exchange offices only display VIP rates on their websites and usually disclose that information in fine print only, so it can easily be missed. When you arrive in the office you might get surprised because the rates you read online may apply only to transactions exceeding a certain sum.

With us at Chaseflex, You can be certain of our solidity and clean actions. We have been offering financial services for 15 years with not a single complaint to deal with as of yet.