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Exchange money in Czechia and avoid getting cheated

Exchange money in Czechia and avoid getting cheated

If you’re planning to visit the Czech Republic, you’ll need to exchange money. Generally speaking, rates are always the best at chaseflex office or you can book your rates online through chaseflex.cz. Don’t fall into the tourist trap by reading our advice below.

Chaseflex exchange are safer

Go to chaseflex exchange offices and avoid “street sellers” that might offer to exchange your money on a street corner. If someone tries to sell you a foreign currency on the street, you’re quite likely to part with a considerable amount of your time and money.

Be careful of more than one exchange rate list

Exchange offices by law must display their exchange rates. Exchange offices often avoid this rule by displaying two lists of exchange rates. Then, they highlight their best rates, which only apply when exchanging large amounts of money. Exchange offices sometimes confuse clients with even three exchange rate lists, adding fine print under the best rates, which states that the list does not contain valid exchange rates.

Count your money on the spot and be careful of incorrect rate calculations

Always exchange a value that is easy to count to avoid the exchange rate being rounded up. When exchanging 100 USD at a rate of 22 Czech crowns, you’ll get 2,200 crowns back. Count up the rate on a calculator.

Check your banknotes for fakes

From time to time, invalid banknotes can appear. If you realize this when it’s too late, the exchange office can claim that they weren’t the ones who gave you the banknotes, leaving you out of luck. Another problem can be receiving a different foreign currency than the one you should be getting. As a foreigner in the Czech Republic, you should be especially careful of receiving Belarusian rubles, which have almost no value compared to the Czech crown. Always look at and check the banknotes first.

Where to exchange money in Czechia 

Chaseflex office is located in the heart of Prague and other cities in Czechia, just a few steps away from the city center and the main historic center. Our rates are friendly and are some of the best around Prague’s city center. If you don’t have time to exchange money at our office, you can use our website chaseflex.cz to book the exchange rate at a particular time.